OH29 Mountain Orcs

Alternative Armies

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"The hulking chieftain of the Mountain Orcs lifted the terrified Man using only one massive fist gripped about his head. Even for an Orc of the mountains this leader was massive and must have gained his place by endless feats of barbaric savagery. Around the chieftain other big Orcs stood and watched all of them larger and more powerful than any Elf or Man even the Cinniberian Northerners. Only the hands and mouth of the shaman were in action as a spell was forming among his broken and yellowed teeth. He pointed fingers at the struggling Man dangling from the chieftains grip. Minutes passed and the prisoners struggles slowed and then ceased. It was evident that the Orcish gods were not impressed and with a shrug the shaman gave up and shuffled off to loot the dead of the village. With as little effort as a child popping a summer grape of the vine the chieftain closed his fist and then dropped the corpse ignoring the bloody ichor now dripping from his fingers."

This code contains six different 28mm scale metal miniatures approx 30mm average height (with one over 40mm tall!). Poses in this code are as follows:

OH29-01: Huge Mountain Orc leader with separate sword arm (40mm tall)
OH29-02: Mountain Orc standard bearer with stone axe.
OH29-03: Mountain Orc musician with drum.
OH29-04: Mountain Orc shaman with staff (Ozzie!)
OH29-05: Mountain Orc Warrior with Sword and Shield.
OH29-06: Mountain Orc Warrior with Spear.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Choose from a pack and single miniatures.