OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer - Giant Troll (100mm tall) with free Orc Warrior!

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“Oi! Dat's my seat. Gerr off it! You fink you tough eh! Gonna give me a smack is you? Well dat's fine but I tells you what first. You can ave dis seat if you beats my mate Durzum at arm wrestling. Where is ee? He is outside. Barred from dis pub he is after da last time. E' got a bit drunk an den well e sat on da roof. Climbed up you say? Err kinda. Sat on it at any rate. Any'ow if you wants dis seat you got to beat him. He's outside now. On u goes. Tell im dat I sent ya. Hold on...you best take da seat wif you...you mights need da extra height” - The last conversation between two Orcs at the notorious Three Legged Harpy pub.

OH31 Durzum Dwarf Killer
This code contains one high quality grey tone resin large monster kit in 28mm scale. When built this giant troll stands just over 100mm tall. Kit supplied with a total of six parts plus a 50mm square base and also an Orc veteran warrior in cloak with sword free.

A great centre piece for your Orc or Goblin skirmish force or army. Suitable for any fantasy wargame system. Assembly required and supplied unpainted.  

Note the Orc shown with the Troll IS supplied.  Mono image shows firstly size of assembled models and secondly supplied parts.  Followed by views of the models from all angles.  Followed by 'in game' pictures giving scale against 28mm Human Barbarians, 28mm Dwarf Runic Golem and 28mm Dwarves, lastly Old English Dragon and smaller Trolls.  None of these are supplied and shown for illustration only.