ORP01 Orc Warhorde (OR1 to OR24) with Saving

Alternative Armies

£65.50 £69.00

28mm Scale
This value pack gives you one of every pose of the classic 1980's Asgard Orcs sculpted by Jes Goodwin which compose Part One of the restoration.  A total of 24 metal miniatures with a saving of 5% off single prices.  Get a whole force in one. See the Jes Goodwin Orcs collection for all Orcs as singles.
These go excellently with other High Fantasy miniatures.  Here are the contents:
OR1 Great Orc with Scimitar
OR2 Great Orc Guard Spearman 
OR3 Great Orc Berserker 
OR4 Great Orc Chieftain 
OR5 Orc Tracker with Bow 
OR6 Armoured Tracker 
OR7Orc Tracker with Spear 
OR8 Orc Scout 
OR9 Small Cave Orc 
OR10 Cave Orc Archer 
OR11 Cave Orc Guard 
OR12 Cave Orc with Scimitar
OR13 Orc Warrior Attacking
OR14 Orc Warrior with Scimitar
OR15 Orc Warrior with Bow
OR16 Orc Warrior with Whip
OR17 Soldier Orc with Shortsword
OR18 Soldier Orc Spearman
OR19 Soldier Orc Officer
OR20 Soldier Orc with Axe
OR21 Horde Orc with Javelins
OR22 Horde Orc with Long Spear
OR23 Horde Orc with Scimitar
OR24 Horde Orc Archer


These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.   Examples Painted by Studio Maxi Constales.