SGF206 Tanuki rickshaw cart

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Two Japanese 15mm Miniatures

Metal miniatures designed by John Bell suitable for use in any oriental themed 15mm scale game system or army.  Remember that you can make a small saving if you choose to purchase the SGFP pack code containing this miniature and others of its type.

SGF206 Tanuki Rickshaw Cart
The Tanuki Rickshaw Cart is a special item in your game of Monster Hunter. Allocate it a Monster Marker as normal. The Tanuki pulling has the game stats for a a Tanuki as given on page 37 of the core game book but it is unarmed. It has a rickshaw cart and will not abandon it for any reason. When removed from play the cart also vanishes from play. Any roughly human sized monster within 3cm of the cart may elect to enter it and then the cart will move 10cm in a chosen direction. The monster may then leave the cart and act normally as it has not taken its action. The cart may hold only one passenger at a time.

You can see pictures of the miniature both front and back. This miniature is supplied unassembled and unpainted without a base.  Bases used in the pictures are round and shown for scale.