SGFP32 Sengoku Monster Hunter Tokens

Alternative Armies

SKU: sgfp32

A Pack of 20 Tokens or Three Packs (60) saving 10%!

This pack contains twenty identical tokens for use as game currency or as monster reveal tokens or as bases for your miniatures.  Cast in high quality resin.

Sengoku Monster Hunter tokens are 20mm round and are very useful in that you can use them as 16th century Japanese coins or as counters in play of the Monster Hunter game (revealing creatures, just put a number on the underside to keep track) or as a base for your Sengoku or other miniatures as they match the 20mm rounds we put our own painted figures upon.

For a full range of monsters you will need more than two packs but we offer 10% off if you take three packs (60 Tokens).  Two packs will be enough for a smaller game.  For a very large game four or more packs will be needed.  The SGF93 Armoured Demon monk is for scale only and is mounted on a token.