SHM96 Sekoth Guardian Demons

Alternative Armies

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“She screamed and pulled at the ropes which bound her to the stone pillar. Her screams had been near ceaseless for an hour and their dark master had been chanting and daubing runes upon the stone flags all that time. The spell was near complete and the Sekoth were motionless but for their breathing and an occasional tongue darting out to caress a dry eye. Beyond the chamber the noise of combat rose as the attackers came nearer. With a single movement of his bony hand the master directed his guardians to the chamber entrance. The enemy was here. A human, his muscled chest streaked with blood and dirt, strode towards the pillar followed by an Elf and a Dwarf. As one the Sekoth raised their bronze swords and maces and gave battle. The spell was near complete and the master would have his sacrifice.”

Sekoth Guardian Demons

These 28mm scale creatures are a fine addition to your fantasy collection.  This code contains six different metal miniatures.  Each Sekoth (a reptilian slave race of the darker powers) is composed of a creature with shield and a separate arm.  Each Sekoth is about 30mm tall and each arm will fit any of the creatures meaning a lot of options.  Poses as shown are:

Sekoth with Rectangle ornate shield - Curved Serrated Blade arm.

Sekoth with Cloak and Face Mask - Banner Arm.

Sekoth with Round ornate shield - Demon Fire Projector arm.

Sekoth with Round 'mouth' shield - Long Straight Sword arm.

Sekoth with Round ornate shield - Iron tipped cudgel arm.

Sekoth with Round 'eye' shield - Axe holding arm.

You can choose from a pack of six or choose one Sekoth and we will supply a random body and arm.  Note if you choose more than one single miniature we will supply a different body and arm each time until a total of six is reached before repeating pieces.  If you would like certain bodies and arms just let us know with your order number when ordering.

This pack is supplied unassembled and unpainted without bases. Images show the miniatures from different angles and also alongside a 28mm scale High Fantasy miniature (28mm tall code FL26-01 Brigand) and a 28mm Alternate Stars (28mm tall code AS000 Boudican). Pictured on a 25mm square base with fire stone effect.

Sculpted by Greg Saunders.