SHMP23 Grav Vehicle Trio - Value Pack saving 10%

Alternative Armies

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15mm Scale Miniatures

This code contains three one piece high quality grey tone resin vehicles in 15mm scale. A Grav Van, Grav Taxi and Grav Police Cruiser all in a retro futuristic style designed by Sergio Gonzalez. The vehicles range from 40mm to 65mm long, 28mm to 30mm wide and around 20mm to 25mm tall.

They are great for near future, space opera, alternate world, post apocalypse and more settings. This pack saves you 15% off single purchase of SHM76,SHM82,SHM83. 

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. 

Note the image with HOF Galactic Knight (16mm tall) are for scale only.  This miniature is not included.