SSP01 War in Catalucia - Shilling Starter Pack

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Get all you need to play!

A Complete Starter Set for Flintloque 3rd Edition.

5026 Flintloque 3rd Edition – War in Catalucia book

12 Metal 28mm Flintloque Miniatures

12 Resin Bases

2 Percentile Dice

1 SSP01 two page insert


Now you have learned the ways of war it is time for you to command those troops who will enforce your will on the field of battle...’
The Emperor Mordred

A Complete Starter Set for Flintloque 3rd Edition
A hearty greeting from all of us at Alternative Armies and welcome to the Shilling Service Pack for Flintloque 3rd edition. There are several of these sets all with a common theme but each one is a little different. The aim of the starter set...well that is simple. To get you ready, to get you playing Flintloque 3rd edition the greatest fantasy napoleonique game ever made!

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This Shilling Service Pack contains all you need to get you up and playing Flintloque in the dusty lands of Catalucia and Al-Garvey where the Army of Albion under General Wheeling-Turn tries to hold off the armee's of the Ferach Empire led by their charismatic commanders such as Marshal Sault. Firstly the fantastic ninety six page 5025 War in Catalucia book with full rules and background for the Catalucia theatre of the wars and the forces fighting there. Secondly twelve great 28mm scale metal Flintloque miniatures made up of six Joccian Infantry along with six in the service of the Emperor Mordred five Ferach Elves and one mounted trooper of the L'Esprit du Garde cavalry; these all come with included bases. You also get a set of two percentile dice and lastly the special two page insert. This insert is unique to the Shilling Service Pack and outlines how to get playing, how to create your characters using the book and then three scenarios featuring the miniatures in the pack. The insert also gives details for solo play of the the scenarios. Lastly the insert gives you ideas on how to continue your adventures using your starter pack as a basis for expansion.

Excellent value and your chance to jump right into the black powder action of the Mordredian Wars. Plus the starter pack insert also contains a special code to use with your first order. Can't say fairer than that!   Get it and Get Playing!