SSP03 Grapeshotte - Shilling Starter Set

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Expand your collection!

A Complete Expansion Set for Flintloque 3rd Edition.

In this expansion pack for Flintloque you get...

5026 Flintloque 3rd Edition – Grapeshotte book

8  28mm Flintloque Miniatures (Dogmen Gunners)

2  28mm Artillery Pieces (Mountain Gun and Mortar Set)

8 Resin Bases

2 Percentile Dice

1 SSP03 two page insert

A hearty greeting from all of us at Alternative Armies and welcome to the Shilling Service Pack for Grapeshotte. There are several Shilling Service packs all with a common theme but this one is a little different. The aim of this expansion pack...well that is simple. To get you into the science and art of gunnery, ready to put artillery into your games of Flintloque 3rd edition the greatest fantasy napoleonique game ever made!

CLICK HERE to download the SSP Insert in a free PDF format.

Please note that you will need a Flintloque game book (such as 5025,5026,5028) or another Shilling Service Pack (SSP01, SSP02, SSP04) to make full use of this set. Also this set is themed to the Dogmen of either Ostaria or the Dogmen of Finklestein (depending on who your enemies are either the Ferach Empire or the Grand Alliance) giving you two artillery pieces with Dogmen gunners to crew them.

In this expansion Shilling Service pack you get a lot of stuff to broaden your experience and playing of Flintloque across all the theatres of the Morderdian Wars and the armies that fight against each other. Firstly the tremendous ninety six page 5027 Grapeshotte 3rd edition book with full rules for artillery, sieges, garrisons, vehicles and more plus the massive armoury containing all of the weapons from pistols to cannons used by all troops. Secondly a small bundle of excellent metal 28mm miniatures and artillery pieces consisting of eight Dogmen Gunners a Mountain Gun and a Mortar (three crew for the mortar, five for the light gun); all with included bases. You also get two percentile dice and a two page insert. The insert is unique to this expansion set and outlines the use of artillery, creating gunner sections, ideas for scenarios using artillery and ways to use the solo play mechanic with gunnery. Lastly the insert gives you ideas on how to expand your Dogmen Gun Crews into bigger adventures using this pack as a starting point.

Excellent value and your chance to dive right into artillery and armoury in the Mordredian Wars. Plus the expansion pack insert also contains a special code to use with your first order. Can't say fairer than that!