STP01 Arid World Town (Big Bundle of Pieces Save 10%)

Alternative Armies

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6mm Scale - Big Bundle

This bundle gives you a Arid World Town for your table and saves you ten percent off single purchases.  Combine with walls and towers if you desire (STP03).  Here is a list of contents and their codes and quantities.
One Government Building, One Industrial Building, One Power Plant, Two Generating Towers, One Temple, One Eatery, One Commercial Building, Two Storehouses, Three Dwelling Houses, Three Small Stores, Five Dwellings, Four Solo Dwellings.
ST01,ST02,ST03,ST04,ST09x2, ST05, ST10,ST11,ST12,ST14,ST15,ST16, ST19,ST20,ST21,ST22, ST23x2,ST24x2.


All models are supplied unpainted and unassembled (if required). Refer to single codes for all images of the pieces in this bundle.