SUXP00 Space Simian X Collection - Save 10%

Alternative Armies

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SUXP00 Space Simian X Collection - Save 10%

This value pack code comprises one of every miniature in the Space Simian X range.  That is nine different space apes, three Morats, one Plasmoid, one Archmantoid kit, one Til, one Jimbot 3000 and three sprues of 28mm weapons and gear.  In total 16 different 28mm miniatures and 19 pieces of weapons and gear.  Saving around 10% off separate prices!

From the Project Simian X kickstarter by Ganesha Games.  See all the miniatures on their page of our website HERE.

Manufactured in Scotland under agreement with Ganesha Games. These miniatures are not supplied with a base and is supplied unpainted.  Assembly is required with some miniatures.