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UM010 USEME Support Pack

Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements - Support Pack. USE ME means 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' and this system delivers just that. This title is an EXPANSION and does require a rule book to make full use of it but USE ME Support Pack gives you a lot to add to your games! Suitable for use with almost any system this title is best suited to use with UM001,UM002,UM003,UM004, UM005,UM008, UM011.

In its pages you will find sections on:

Strategy 101

Tactics 101

Building the Props

Laying the Terrain Boards

City Fights

Historical, Modern, Sci-fi Fights

Weather in War

32pp Book, Colour Covers.


A free article by download for this title.  Terrain Building by Kurt Benson.  This download can be had for free from HERE.  It works alongside the UM010 title but can also inspire on its own.


There is no game engine in this book you will need another USE ME title to make full use of it. It is important to mention this as the removal of all the game mechanics has made space for all of these sections.

First off the bat is a short 'Designers Notes' page where Kurt outlines how the Support Pack works and also how it came about from sources such as Alternative Armies 'MOTH' squad level science fiction rules set in the Ion Age. Right on the heels of this is 'Strategy 101' where the overarching approach to tabletop battles is covered by reference to why combatants fight and how gaming groups should handle this. Guidelines for bunkers and also alterations to points costs in USE ME for set up's that favour the attacker or defender. All you need to get you to the table with your platoon, army or squad.

Next is 'Tactics 101' where discussion takes place as to how your own and the opponents force relates to each other and how this might come out in missions and on the wargames table. The book then outlines mission types such as 'move to engage', 'blitzkrieg', 'fighting withdrawal', 'hostage', 'ambush', 'Patrol' and 'Raid'. Each of these mission templates tells you how they work and how points values, terrain, objectives and more can be altered to fit that template. All of this gets you set up and playing for an objective without the need for head scratching.

After Kurt has got you on the table and given you a mission to fight out he then proceeds to discuss 'Building the Props', that is how to make easy and affordable terrain for your wargaming. From the raw materials to the tools to use for the construction of Hills, Flocking, Roads, Rivers, Sand and also simple buildings too. Vital knowledge from a very experienced wargamer.

Laying the Board comes next and gives the reader a simple but ingenuous system to look any a wargame table and divide it into nine quadrants which can then be filled with your terrain and miniatures as per your Tactics and Strategy choices. Basic rules for the use of the centre quadrant for objectives are followed by detailed sections concerning City Fights. Kurt makes the analogy of the a City to a Human Body. With the Heart, the Soul, the Hands, Head, Gut and Legs all covering different parts of a city such as docks or a spaceport and ways to fight over them. After this the same treatment is given to Small Towns, Open Ground, Rainforest, Glaciers, Deserts and more. While the book is mainly aimed as historical or near future warfare there are also parts given over to science fiction with High Oxygen Atmos, Toxic, Thin Atmosphere, High or Low Gravity environments and how they are played out.

Now that the troops and the ground are all sorted out it is time to look to the skies! USE ME Support Pack contains a full Weather System for giving your games that added element of complication and or realism. Weather is explained and its game influences given including the effects of Tornado's, Ice, Dust Devils and more such as Blizzards. This part of the book ends with four weather tables for random generation based on temperatures from hot to temperate then cold and then frozen.

USE ME Support Pack is pocket sized and packed full. It gives you a really good read with lots of useful advice in its pages. It will make you smile and be a favoured companion at your gaming table. Go on give it a whirl!


Frontis Page pg1
Introduction and Contents pg2
What is Support Pack & Designers Notes pg4
Strategy 101 pg4-6
Tactics 101 pg6-11
Building the Props pg12-15
Laying the Board pg16
The Standard Pattern Diagram pg17
City Fights pg18-21
Non City Fights pg22-25
Sci-fi Fights pg26
Weather for War pg27-30
USE ME Titles for Support pg31
Free Resources pg32


This wholly depends on which genre of USE ME you decide to use Support Pack with. All 15mm scale miniatures as listed with your chosen title will be suitable.