UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction

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Welcome to the Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements, or USE ME, rules for science fiction gaming with 6mm scale miniatures. These 6mm rules are designed to give a very satisfying experience, tactically challenging, without being hard to learn or come to terms with. This USE ME game typically has 60, 70, 100 miniatures a side and takes a half hour, to an hour to play out.

Use any miniatures, 1D6 Action, Solo Play, Build your Forces, Skirmish or Battle...

Perfect for after a hard days work, lunch time break combat, a complete newcomer to the wargaming hobby or even a child of seven years or older. In fact we bet that once you have played a few turns you will value these rules all the more. In a time when more complex and more expensive no longer means better to time pressed wargamers USE ME steps up and entertains. If you want to pick up your miniatures and get fighting with a minimum of fuss and requirements then USE ME is just that; it's for you! 

32pp Book, Colour Covers, ISBN and Barcode.  Written by Vic Dobson.

Four Free 6mm Scenarios - Written by author Vic Dobson. CLICK HERE to download.  As mentioned in the rules.

USEME 6mm Science Fiction. An in depth play through article with Kirk and Kor (includes rosters) to lead you though these fast play small rules written by author Vic Dobson. Enjoy on our BLOG.


Frontis Page pg1
Introduction & Contents pg2
What you need to Play and Units pg5
The USE ME Rules pg5-13
Off Table Support Phase pg14-15
Consolidation Phase pg15
USE ME Advanced Rules pg16-18
Morale in 6mm Science Fiction pg19
Statistic Table and Points Costs pg20
Force Composition Examples pg21
Optional Command Rules and Markers pg22
Miniatures for USEME and Force Roster pg23
USEME After the Game tend your Force pg24
Linked Games, Campaigns and Ideas pg25-26
Solo Play Rules pg27-30
Free Files for the Game pg30
The Bradley Miniatures 6mm Range pg31
The USE ME Series pg32

USE ME contains a lot of material in its little pages, enough for some cracking single games, linked games, campaigns and even solo play too.


You can make use of any manufacturers ranges of 6mm miniatures suited to your scenarios. With a little thought and reference to the game booklet you will soon have forces worked out. You can use movies or books for ideas. In the Bradley Miniatures 6mm Range you will find all the miniatures in these rules as packs and singles too.