UMS02 Ziggurat of Clem IV - Complete Starter Set (Save 5%)

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Complete Starter Set with a saving. It contains the following items:

UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rulebook

27 Metal 15mm Miniatures

27 Bases

2 Small D6 Dice

Set of UMS02 Scenario Sheets including Rosters


 Ziggurat of Clem IV

“Five seconds at full charge directed against the door Gunner Zinga. We are almost through to the interior of the structure.”

Adjusting his controls the Zidhe gunner pressed the firing stud for the portable heavy laser that he and another gunner operated for the glory of the Empire. The crimson needle of lethal light lanced to the ancient door of the Ziggurat and resumed cutting. Whatever the portal leading into the Ziggurat was made it it had already absorbed more punishment that a battle cruiser’s hull could withstand. This was the third day on Clem IV but the goal was nearly attained.

“Well laid Gunner, keep at it. We will be inside before the sun reaches its zenith.”

Commander Zarl turned away from the blazing light and surveyed his small task force. These few warriors were near to unlocking whatever secrets this Progenitor site contained. Sites like this were scattered all over the known galaxy, usually on dead worlds or moons, but Clem IV was temperate enough to be pleasant. He contacted his communication specialist and asked for a status update; it paid to be ever vigilant. The reply came fast and it was not good news.

“Commander I have poor tidings. We have unwelcome guests from the Octopod Combine. They took out our high level viewers but we have their landing co-ords. They are near and will be in weapons range in seven mini cycles.”

Zarl thanked Youta and then signalled a total stop on all invasive cutting. Once the laser cut out he opened a secure force wide channel and addressed his troops.

“We have enemies nearby. The accursed Octopod scum. We defeated them with ease on Multar Prime and we will do so again here. Combat stances and at all costs prevent them from gaining the Ziggurat and our equipment.”

There was a hearty chorus of agreement and one by one the Zidhe troops fanned out away from the ancient structure or sought a firing position on the steps. Zarl would try and halt the enemy as they emerged from the thick forest. In fact he might throw some Androids and Warriors into the trees to try and confuse their advance. Thinning the Octopods out would mean that once they broke cover the laser would cut them to quivering meat pieces before they reached the lower stairs of the Ziggurat.

“Zarl to Androids. Execute Command Five. Hide and Seek. Confirm.”


Welcome to this USE ME Starter Pack. This pack is one of a series and it has a simple goal; to give you all you need to get in to 15mm science fiction wargaming. The Starter Pack provides you with the rule book the miniatures, bases, dice, scenarios and rosters. All that you need to bring is yourself (and a friend but you can also play solo!) and a device for measuring distances such as a ruler or tape measure. So just what is in this little packed box?

Begin with the USEME UM001 rule book that comes with the Starter Pack. This pocket sized power house gives you all the game mechanics you will need to create hundreds of scenarios and endless campaigns. The book also caters for the three scenarios given on the insert. The rules can be learned in a few minutes. Then move on to the scenario sheets themselves equipped with an introduction, story and three full scenarios, ideas for further adventures and complete rosters of the miniatures in the set.

You can download the insert for UMS02 for free from this website HERE

Here is the listing of the 15mm miniatures that are included in this Starter Pack. These are given by respective force and title in play and then by product codes should you wish to look them up on the site.

The Octopod Combine
4 Octopod Command Miniatures (HOF59)
3 Octopod Infantry Miniatures (HOF53)
3 Octopod Heavy Weapon Infantry Miniatures (HOF60)
3 Octopod Seet Guard Miniatutes (HOF61)

The Zidhe Empire
4 Zidhe Command Miniatures (HOF64)
3 Zidhe Infantry Miniatures (HOF63)
2 Zidhe Androids (HOF66)
1 Zidhe Portable Weapon with Two Crew (HOF68)
2 Zidhe Guardians (HOF65)

Lastly you get two free six sided dice and all the bases for free that you need too for the miniatures.