VLE15 Michrana Cappello Carlos

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The fifteenth VLE (Very Limited Edition) pack contains one metal miniature in 28mm scale (approx 32mm in height). Todoroni senior officer.  Inspired by its sculptor Nikki Chatwin.

Limited to 250 Numbered Packs only and then the molds will be destroyed. 

"Tiny Hat" Michrana Cappello Carlos...fabulous over weight eccentric, embellisher, storyteller, lover of fine foods and wines, art and fashion...he likes to see himself as military fashion mogul coming up with new trends claiming they are "straight from Ferach capital itself" like his iconic tiny hat (which many tease him for) with a single massive fiery feather which he "claims" he hand picked off the back of a slayed phoenix....on paper he's a master military tactician but as of yet has only seen one major battle in which he took shrapnel in the eye in the early moments of the battle, though if he tells you about the battle its a very different story ...he commands a small division know for their constant change in uniform design and colour as he can never decide what he likes, this has gone on to the division being nicknamed the "rainbow militia"..they are by far not the best soldiers around but by god they are the best looking "apparently".

Rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

When playing Flintloque this character is treated as a Little Todoroni who is Regular / Experienced / Elite and armed with a Sword plus a Standard Pistol.  He is a master of fashion and as a result when in command of a section of Todoroni he gains them all a +1 to their Discipline level when he is in play; as they look the business.  He costs 44 Points.

When playing Slaughterloo this character is a SPECIAL UNIT OFFICER and may only command a Todoroni infantry unit of any kind (line, light, militia, grenadier etc).  One per division character.  He ensures his troops are excellently uniformed and as a result they may elect to pass any ONE FORM ROLL without making the roll per game.  He costs 35 Points.

This miniature supplied with our Cartouche Resin Base and supplied unpainted.  Shown for scale only with 5024 General Saindoux from Escape from the Dark Czar starter set.