VLE16 Nikita Hedloski Zombie NCO (Foot and Mounted Set)

Alternative Armies

SKU: vle16

The sixteenth VLE (Very Limited Edition) pack contains three metal miniatures these being a character on foot and the same character riding a skeletal horse.  Sculpted by Nikki Chatwin.

Limited to 250 Numbered Packs only and then the molds will be destroyed. 

In the service of the Dark Czar death is a certainty for all.  In fact most are dead before coming into his service by courtesy of the Graviski Re-animator crew.  Zombies rot away and become skeletons before crumbling to snow pattered dust.  The loss of a head is the end in all cases...but not quite.  Something of an oddity even among the Undead is Nikita Hedloski who has lost his noggin but keeps on going.  Attached to the 9th Corpseov Fusiliers he aids in command.

Rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

When playing Flintloque this character is treated as a Savant Zombie armed with a Sword plus a Standard Pistol and of Cavalry type mounted on a Skeletal Light Horse. Often an aide to Vampyre officers he may not command nor lead a section. Due to his head being separate to his body (normally total death even to the Undead) sustained by Wylde Magicke he has a terrible visage for mortals. The first time a mortal character gets within 10cm of Nikita they roll 1D10 and on a 1 they have a Shaken Token applied. He costs 41 Points.

When playing Slaughterloo this character is placed into any Undead Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery unit. He does not count towards unit figure total. One per division. His specially infused Wylde Magicke existence has an aura for the whole unit making them tougher. Add +1 to the DF (Defence Factor) of the unit. This remains until the unit loses its officer at which time this character is also removed. He costs 10 Points.

This miniature supplied with our Cartouche Resin Base and supplied unpainted.  Shown for scale only with 5024 General Saindoux from Escape from the Dark Czar starter set.