VNT26 Cockatrice

Alternative Armies

SKU: vnt26_pack

“It be a monster of magic I tell you. The head of a roosting bird and the body too, it has a tail topped with a wicked arrow like sting. Leathery bat like wings and a beak that could pierce plate armour. It is bigger than a war horse and some say its gaze can poison a Man to near instant death. Me thinks it might have come from misty Albion in origin but much smaller being from a yoke less egg sat upon by a toad. When you face it lower your visor and strike hard using a shield to guard from the beak and the claws upon its feet. Strike hard and fast for its breast. How do I know this? I have killed a Cockatrice found in Verhell and it made for fine roasting and eating!”

This re-mastered code contains one 28mm scale metal monster approx 50mm in height which is made up of three pieces (body, left wing, right wing). 

This miniature is not supplied with a base and is supplied unpainted.  Other image shows codes for scale comparison, these are not supplied, search by code for these.  Such as HOT103 Cockatrice in 15mm scale.