VNT3 Orrid Ogres

Alternative Armies

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“Some would say that you would have to be desperate to hire Ogres into your army. After all they are savages as quick to eat you as to knuckle their foreheads and follow a manlings orders. In fact few of the hamlets along the camberly road would allow our men at arms to billet in their hovels for fear of the big brutes that trailed behind cleavers and clubs in hairy hands. It could have put a fine halt to our campaign against the Dwarves and no mistake but our commander was a wily one and did not give the short arses the chance to profit from our choice of warriors. In the dawn of the first day of the march he paid handsomely a farmer for his whole sty of swine. That put things right with the villagers as we marched through. Some of the peasants even came outside to gape at the Ogres. Those friendly, well fed Ogres. Each of them with a whole pig stuffed into the gap between belly and its belt notches!”

This code contains two metal creatures approx 30mm in height in one piece each.  Poses in this code are as follows and you can choose from a pack or single poses.

VNT3-01: Ogre with big cleaver and horned helmet, chainmail armour, skulls and flint blade at his waist. A whole pig tied to his belt!

VNT3-02: Ogre with spiked club and sword, a ball and chain on his back, skulls and a severed arm at his belt!

These miniatures are not supplied with a base and are supplied unpainted.