VNT34 Treasure Hoarder reclining Dragon

Alternative Armies

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“Golden coins slip and slide from great heaped piles and jewels tumble towards the stone flags of the floor as the beast settles itself once more. Atop an amassed fortune made by Men and by Dwarves alike then stolen from their charred corpses the Dragon reclined. Under it enough to make an adventurer rich beyond dreams but to try and take it would be almost certain death by fire and claw. To the dungeon go and to the central chamber progress..but then taken in the gaze of the Treasure Horder you will die."

This code contains one resin multiple part monster in 28mm scale on integral base and treasure pile. Approx 120mm long. Supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu. Assembly is required. Poses in this code are as follows:

VNT34-01: A greater Dragon laying on its back on top of a pile of treasure.

Note other miniatures are shown for scale (24mm Dwarf and then 15mm tall Human) and are not supplied.

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