VNT37 Crustacean Monster - 45mm tall

Alternative Armies

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“Kandar was a warrior. He was the fiercest fighter that the land of Thagul had ever produced and his name was legend among the tribes. Now he stood at the shore of the cursed lake with sword in hand ready to kill the demon which had plagued the fishers these past months. The simple folk of the lake had spoken in hushed tones of an orange rock which moved and then reached up into their boats plucking them like fish on a line out and then down into the water. They hungered now as none would go near the water and none had for eight risings of the sun. Kandar would destroy the demon and then take his pick of the spoils the fishers possessed from their wealth and their women. The water swirled and the warrior tightened his grip on the blade. From the lake came the top of an orange rock as had been witnessed. He stood his ground with no fear of a rock. The rock grew wider and taller as it moved toward him and soon it was clearly not a rock but a body. Nearer and shallower it came, legs before feet as it stepped from the water to the land. Kandar raised his sword and then paused as two black beady eyes looked down at him. What was this thing? It towered over the warrior and it stank of the corruption of crab meat. Its arms ended in pincer claws one of which was massively bigger than the other. With a roar of defiance Kandar charged, sword raised, at the monster. Its arm came up and neatly snapped the blade of the sword as if it was grass to the scythe. The warrior ducked and slammed the broken blade into its mid rift; it shattered on connection. The larger arm came down and caught the warrior around the waist and then lifted him off the ground. Where was the glory in this Kander thought as he drummed his fists against the orange carapace of the arm. Then with a simple closing snip the monster turned Kander to two.”

Enforcer of an undersea kingdom or summoned creature of a rogue mage this mighty armoured foe will give your characters a real fight.

This pack contains a single high quality grey tone resin miniature in three parts (partially posable arms) which is about 45mm tall from foot to head when assembled. It will work in several scales for many game settings. Supplied unpainted and without a base (shown on a 40mm round base) with basic assembly required.

Note other miniatures shown for scale (28mm FL Human Thief) and not supplied.