VNT39 Air Squid and Handler - 90mm tall two model set

Alternative Armies

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“The swamps of Kelpo are notorious and virtually impassible to the trudging caravans which ply their trade between the distant townships of Milliagar. The poor ragged peasants who scratch out a living carving blocks of fuel from the reaking soup of the lands there are often without such finery as wine and silks. No horse nor mule will try to cross the swamps laden with goods; to do it is to risk drowning. Trade comes to Kelpo by way of the Guild of Sky Merchants who have established good relations with the diggers. Loaded with things to sell the guild sends its Air Squids. Strange creatures which float above the ground and can carry great weight and yet remain aloft. They are slow but sure and often led by guild members who are aged or feeble in some other way which makes them proceed at the same pace as their sky borne beast. ”

Wandering from town to town and pulled by its limping owner the Air Squid is a beast of burden unlike any other.

This pack contains two 28mm scale models. A high quality grey tone resin model, the Air Squid, in several parts (the body, two cargo basket sets and tentacle set) which is about 90mm tall from top to tentacle ends when assembled. Please note ours is shown on a fight stand which is not supplied. The Handler is a single piece metal 28mm Human miniature in robes with staff. This two model pack is supplied unpainted and without a base (shown on a 40mm square base and 25mm square base) assembly required. Designed by Kieran Billings. 

Note other miniatures shown for scale and not supplied.