VNT42A Lord Ruza on Armoured Horse

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Lord Ruza the Wyvern Master rides to battle on an armoured horse!

“When he came to the north lands we mocked his speech and his war garb. He was nothing to us and he wore no hides or skins of beasts brought down by skill of arms in the cold wastes. We tried to take his horse and his armour and we were made to pay for this insolence in blood. Two score of us he killed without seeming to care or make an effort. Perhaps Dagga had answered our prayers for a champion to lead to us to the south for pillage and soft women. Perhaps our lord has simply wished for adventure. Either way we now follow him and echo a name to the hills and valleys which will bring death to the those who resist us. Lord Ruza!” - Caltus Mac Drow.

VNT42A Lord Ruza with Lance on Armoured Horse
Lord Ruza is a general of a fantasy world of evil forces. This 28mm scale code contains one metal rider in elaborate plate amour with separate arm plus lance tip, lance end plus vampire bat plume as well as resin armoured warhorse and a length of brass rod. A great commander for your armies of Humans or Evil or Chaotic forces. Suitable for any wargame system. This code is supplied unassembled and without bases. It is shown assembled and mounted on a 50mm long base. 

Lord Ruza is the same rider which is mounted atop the Wyvern Kildane (VNT42) which is an excellent center piece for your army.

Note items shown for scale are shown for illustration only and not supplied (FL10 and OH35). Supplied without bases.  Some Assembly Required.