Year One Collection - 12 Unique Miniatures (Set or Singles)

Alternative Armies

SKU: yoc_one

Every month for four years we had a special IMP series figure put into all orders for free.  This page gives you the option to purchase formerly free miniatures from Year One.  That is August 2013 to August 2014.  The prices are reasonable and it means you can get the ones you might have missed and get more of any you like the look of for your collection.  Click on the drop down box and make your selection.

Here is a list of the miniatures by month in this collection:

Month One (Aug - Sept 2013) - Kneeling Retained Knight in Cloak.

Month Two (October 2013) - Retained Knight with Power Fist.

Month Three (November 2013) - The Knight of the Dead.

Month Four (December 2013) - Santa Desteria with sack of Presents.

Month Five (January 2014) - Winter Musterman with Bottle.

Month Six (February 2014) -  Zin Envoy.

Month Seven (March 2014) - Female Muster Patrol Officer.

Month Eight (April 2014) - Salute 2014 Promo, Muster Girl.

Month Nine (May 2014) - Retained Sniper prone camo net.

Month Ten (June 2014) - Malig Tank Ace (space goblin).

Month Eleven (July 2014) - Female Adventurer with Pistol.

Month Twelve (August 2014) - Starvaulter Instructor.

This code comprises twelve different 15mm miniatures in metal.  These were formally the free in all orders monthly miniatures from August 2013 to August 2014. You have the option of purchasing a whole collection. You can also select single miniatures from the drop down list.  These run from top left (Month One) across by row to bottom right (Month 12).

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.