LBS01 Laserburn Starter Set - Book, Vehicles and Miniatures (Save 20%)

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15mm Scale Miniatures   Laserburn Starter Set - Mega City Mayhem

This Starter Set contains a copy of the Laserburn Rulebook along with 6 Vehicles and 64 miniatures. This Starter Set is a great value introduction to the world of Laserburn and its miniatures. In addition to the Laserburn Rulebook the pack also contains 64 miniatures, 4 resin vehicles and 2 bikes. Here is a list of the codes contained in the LBS01 Starter Pack:

Laserburn Rulebook, V101,V103,V010,V104, 102, 100,101,116,117,119,120,

123,124, 110,110a,110b,111, 103,104,105,106,

112,113,114,115,121,122, 107, 108, 109    
Please note that the number of each miniature casting may vary though the total number will remain and will feature all of the above codes. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.