Greate Britorcn Army (All Nations)

The Mighty and Varied Army of Greate Britorcn!

Part of the Grand Alliance.  You can learn more about this nation and its troops with their rules for game play and uniforms and formations in the following titles:  5025 War in Catalucia, 5027 Grapeshotte, 5028 Beir and Bones and 5030 Slaughterloo.  Your miniatures will work for all Valon game systems.

Visit the Slaughterloo Game System page for all the Divisional Army Packs (DAP) which give you an entire army for that mass battle Valon game with a saving on average of 18%.

This section contains the following Valonian nations which make up the Greate Britorcn Army:  Orcs of Albion, Ratmen of Joccia, Bog Orcs of Guinalea, Hob Goblins of Taffsea, Ogres of the Krautian Giant Legion (KGL) and Minor Alliance Members.

At the core of Greate Britorcn and financier of the Grand Alliance are Orcs of Albion under Kyng Gorge III resisting the Ferach Empire since the beginning of the Mordredian Wars.  A small but highly trained and extremely well drilled army the Orcs have the best musket volley speed of any troops on Valon.  

The second nation of Greate Britorcn is Joccia.  A land of mountains and wild creatures the Ratmen of Joccia come in two main kinds that is Big and Small with most of the bigger Joccians being from the Highlands and the smaller ones from the warren like cities of Glasgee and Edinborgh.  Ferocious fighters who make up about a third of the Army of Albion's regiments.

Greate Britorcn has subdued the land of Guinalea, most Bog Orcs accept the rule of Kyng Gorge III and some even join the Army.  The regiments of Guinalea that serve with Wheeling-Turn in Catalucia are big and tough troops that are larger and stronger than other Orcs and Hob Goblins. 

The Boyos of Taffsea sing in harmony as they kill the enemies of Kyng Gorge III; the Hobgoblins make up some regiments in the Army and fight with passion. They are about a tenth of the line regiments of Britorcn.

Hunvaria was conquered by the Ferach Empire but its rightful ruler Kyng Gorge III had already taken many thousands of Ogres from the land and had them put in the biggest of Britorcn regiments the K.G.L.  The Krautian Giant Legion. A bitter enmity exists between the Ogres of the K.G.L and the Ogres of the Confederation of Finklestein and they will always seek to destroy each other. Highly competent and dangerous soldiers. 

There are many minor elements of the Army. These include the Halfings of the HEVC (Honourable East Valonian Company) who are subjects of Greate Britorcn and the Dwarves of Brewswick who are in the pay of Kyng Gorge III.  The Elves of Korsuca have thrown their tiny island's lot in and are in the Army.  Lastly the Goblins of Kinkon who owe allegiance only to their own jungle ruler but have a hated for the Ferach Empire that burns deep.

You have the choice of purchasing many of these 28mm scale white metal miniature codes as packs (for Flintloque Sections) or with many codes purchase as a whole unit (for Slaughterloo) or even just single or a few miniatures from the code if you want to increase or sample that code.  Savings are applied to each level of purchase; the more you buy of a code the more you save.  We also offer every code pro-painted and based for play right out of the box.  Unless otherwise stated all of our miniatures are made of white metal.

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56520 Joccian Light Infantry

From £2.25 - £45.00

53016 Hob Goblin Miser

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56116 Tap Room Ogre

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54051 Albion Orc Sailors

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54050 Valon Civilians Set

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59010 Slaughterloo Monument

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5109 Sharkes Chosen box set

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54506 Orc Command

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54502 Orc Camp Followers

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54503 Orc Line Infantry

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54504 Orc Hussars

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54505 Orc Heavy Dragoons

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54508 Orc Line Artillery Crew

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54509 Orc Grenadier Infantry

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54510 Orc Guard Infantry

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54512 Orc Light Infantry

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54513 Orc Life Guards

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54514 Orc Militia Infantry

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54516 KORB Rockette Batterie

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LE039 Kyng Gorge III

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LE027 Plunkorc and MacMean

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LE021 General Fartsagale

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5100LT Orc Limber Team

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54001 105th Rifle Commanders

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54027 105th Rifle Skirmish

From £6.00 - £13.00

54009 105th Rifles

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5000A Duke of Wheeling-Turn

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54038 Orc Colour Party

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54000 62nd Foote Command

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54002 1st Lifeguard Command

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54010 62nd Fusiliers

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54013 Dismounted Dragoons

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54019 Albion Marines

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54024 Black Bob Crowfoot

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