UMS04 Diamyo Dodging - Complete Starter Set (Save 5%)

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Complete Starter Set with a saving. It contains the following items:

UM011 USE ME Cyberpunk rulebook

35 Metal 15mm Miniatures

35 Bases

2 Small D6 Dice

Set of UMS04 Scenario Sheets including Rosters


 Diamyo Dodging

“The Wandsworth Zone is a part of Neo-London where few go willingly and fewer still survive any length of time there. During the uprising of ‘39 several biophage and radsick weapons were deployed and the zone is now a low toxic rubble strewn mess. In other words a perfect place to hide out and to hide things in. This was the case for Akaro Tamahachi Cyber Diamyo of the Lotus Free Lance ronin corporation.

During an aggressive take over what was left of the Lotus Free Lance fled the Tokyo Yokahama Combine for new lands. Opportunity abounds in Neo-London but there is a problem which Tamahatchi must deal with. His past.

Due to the efforts of Cyber Assassin ‘Kitty’ Nagamo who very nearly managed to kill the Diamyo the authorities are now on the trail of the Lotus Free Lance. While Kitty has not travelled around the world to join the Police effort to deal with the new criminals she has revealed his past into the net and now its a race to see who gets to it first.

The Lotus Free have installed themselves in the Wandsworth Zone and know that the militarised Metropolitan Police are on their way.

There is a hard point data terminal which contains Tamahatchi’s past wrong doings to which access must be blocked. The lair newly set up by the Lotus Free might be found and an escape carried out. Lastly one of the few still operating trains in the Zone will be highjacked before crashing and a final showdown undertaken. All under a sky riddled with data corruption and endless fog and rain. Now is the time for action!"


Welcome to this USE ME Starter Pack. This pack is one of a series and it has a simple goal; to give you all you need to get in to 15mm wargaming. The Starter Pack provides you with the rule book the miniatures, bases, dice, scenarios and rosters. All that you need to bring is yourself (and a friend but you can also play solo!) and a device for measuring distances such as a ruler or tape measure. So just what is in this little packed box?

Begin with the USEME UM011 rule book that comes with the Starter Pack. This pocket sized power house gives you all the game mechanics you will need to create hundreds of scenarios and endless campaigns. The book also caters for the three scenarios given on the insert. The rules can be learned in a few minutes. Then move on to the scenario sheets themselves equipped with an introduction, story and three full scenarios, ideas for further adventures and complete rosters of the miniatures in the set.

You can download the insert for UMS04 for free from this website HERE

Here is the listing of the 15mm miniatures that are included in this Starter Pack. These are given by respective force and title in play and then by product codes should you wish to look them up on the site.

The Ronin - Lotus Free Lance Cyber Troops
6 Corporate Asihgaru Troopers (HOF76 & HOF23)
3 Corporate Ashigaru Support (HOF24)
3 Corporate Ashigaru Samurai (HOF25)
5 Corporate Ashigaru Command (HOF22)

The Law - Neo London Metropolitan Police
6 Security Force Alpha Troopers (HOF96)
3 Security Force Alpha Support (HOF100)
3 Security Force Alpha Troopers (HOF99)
3 Security Force Alpha Sergeants (HOF98)
3 Security Force Alpha Command (HOF95)       

Lastly you get two free six sided dice and all the bases for free that you need too for the miniatures.