7119 Hann Townsfolk

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“Leaving the Mandryn owned kingdoms the underclass race known as the Hann came to Amerka, to Kitton and some even to Urop to escape tyranny. They had great difficulty in communicating and understanding the ways of these less Wylde Magicke nations but they strove to be accepted and in time they found work and places to dwell. In Amerka it is in the great towns of Kalifoornia and the Aridzona vastness too. Often a law unto themselves the Chigtowns within cities like Sanfransiroc are ruled by Hann gangs. The Hann will put up with almost anything to avoid returning to the dragons of the Mandyrn.”

This pack contains five 28mm scale metal miniatures. The Hann are an insectile fantasy race with an oriental theme. Each Hann has four arms and is dressed baggy trousers and tunics.  Hann are tall with figures varying in height from 28mm to 34mm.

The poses are Hann Merchant or Shopkeeper arms folder (1), Hann enforcer or Tong Executioner with swords (2), Hann railroad or manual worker with tool (3), Hann Miner with Pick (4) and Hann labourer with baskets (separate piece) (5).

You have the option of purchasing a pack or choosing single poses in any quantity from the pack all on the page.  Each option has a saving, pack over singles, three packs over one.

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Please note that these miniatures are supplied unpainted and with our resin cartouche bases. Some assembly is required. You can purchase a pack or three packs with a 10% saving or select a single miniature using the options on the screen.  Check out a scale shot of 28mm Elf (5024); other miniatures not supplied.