AS014 Alternate Stars Weapons Set (Pack of 11 or Single Choice)

Alternative Armies

SKU: as014

28mm Scale

This weapons pack contains eleven different 28mm scale metal weapons which will fit any human or alien soldier in suitable pose or open handed. They can also be fitted to the back or waist or used in scenic builds.

Choose from the pack or singles in any quantity from this page by letter as follows:

A - Shoulder Mounted Projectile Weapon (45mm long)

B - Shoulder Mounted Energy Weapon (25mm long)

C - Two Handed Beam Weapon (20mm long)

D - Two Handed Flame Weapon (25mm long)

E - Heavy Drum magazine Shotgun (20mm long)

F - Magazine top mount energy rifle (20mm long)

G - Sliver Rifle (18mm long)

H - Scoped Combat Rifle (27mm long)

I - Magazine top mount SMG (18mm long)

J - Bullpup type SMG (15mm long)

K - Pistol with fore mounted magazine (8mm long)

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.