BR028B Sekhmet Assault Rig Running (Mecha approx 50mm tall) - Many loadout choices

Alternative Armies

SKU: br028b

6mm Scale Mecha

This kit contains all the parts needed to build one Sekhmet Assault rig in a great variety of load outs. Build it as you prefer and use all the spare weapons for your bits box. When assembled this 6mm mecha stands approx 50mm tall depending on weapon load out choices.

Composed of a high quality resin torso and set of running legs as well as eighteen different weapons, two choices of arms and three different hands plus two pistol mounts in metal. Big Missile Pods, Big Cannons, Small Missile Racks, Energy Cannons and machine guns.

You can assemble this model in dozens of ways. Great for any game system.

We show only one example of a load out. Supplied unassembled, unpainted and without a base (shown on a 50mm round). Images show for scale a BR018 T47 Main Battle Tank (25mm long) and BR006 Tiger Walker (on first image 18mm tall) neither of these are supplied.