BR042 Erzherzog Heavy Tank (Pack of Three or Single)

Alternative Armies

SKU: br042

6mm Scale

Choose from a pack of three heavy tanks (each with a different turret) or a single tank with your choice of turret. Use selection on this page. 

The Erzherzog (meaning 'archduke' in German), is a large, heavily armed and armored vehicle commonly found in the armored retinues of the Houses Karl. It is used as a breakthrough tank to smash enemy lines. To achieve the high performance required by its mission profile, the Erzherzog is powered by a powerful archite reactor, allowing it to press an attack for days without refuelling, so long as its ammunition supplies last. The downside is that, while the vehicle itself is not prohibitively expensive to produce, refined archite crystal is a rare and prized resource. Most commanders carefully conserve their precious supplies of archite fuel for these pivotal assaults, and it is rare to see Erzherzogs fighting on the frontlines with more common troops.

Each Heavy Tank is composed of a Hull and a Turret.  Turrets are a cannon, heavy siege gun, multi-barrel weapon.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.  Other codes shown for scale only and not supplied.