DW00 Dwarf Warriors Set (Thirteen Miniatures with Saving)

Alternative Armies

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SKU: dw00

28mm Scale

The complete set of thirteen metal miniatures that make up the original 1985 Dwarf Warriors range with a small saving off single prices.  Short fighters for your warband and for your heroes.

Use this in any game system of your choosing.

DW1 Dwarf Adventurer
DW2 Dwarf Axeman
DW3 Dwarf w. Hammer
DW4 Dwarf Spearman
DW5 Dwarf Hero
DW6 The Black Dwarf
DW7 Dwarf Scout
DW8 Dwarf Lord
DW9 Dwarf Shield Maiden
DW10v1 Dwarf Crossbowman
DW11 Dwarf with Arquebus
DW12 Dwarf Mercenary
DW13 Dwarf Guard

Sculpted by Jez Goodwin. Professional Painted Examples shown painted by Sam Croes.

Miniatures not supplied with bases and supplied unpainted. Shown with other miniatures for scale purposes only.