IAF015 Hab Dome Top Mounts II

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf015f

Tell me about Top Mounts II for the IAF015 Hab Dome!

To make proper use (you can use them on their own too) of the Hab Dome Top Mounts you do need at least one IAF015 Hab Dome or Tower Module in your miniature collection for The Ion Age.  If you have one or more then these top mounts are for you!  They fit snugly into the universal circle on the top of the Hab Dome and turn your dome from a typical to a specialised structure with a designated purpose.  This also works for the tops of the IAF015D Tower Module and IAF015E Landing Pad.  There are several other Top Mounts (IAF015A,B,C) and as with all of our other releases you can buy them on their own or if you take three at a time you save 10%.  Read on:

IAF015F Flak Cannon Turret: A Twin Moth Type 88 Chain Cannon mount for an anti-air type. (Resin and White Metal)

IAF015G Two Block Missile Pod Turret: A Twin Missile Anda mount. (Resin and White Metal)

Consult the images on this page to see each of the top mounts on a Hab Dome (front and rear views).

Please Note the IAF015 Hab Dome is NOT Supplied, this product listing is for the Top Mounts only.  Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.  Scenics and miniatures for scaling information and are not included.  Components are high quality grey tone resin and in places high quality white metal too.