IAF015D Tower Module

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf015d

This set comprises two high quality grey tone resin pieces with a lot of external detailing. The Tower Module itself which is 50mm wide and 30mm tall and the Connector Plate which is used (if you wish to) as the linkage piece between either the top of a Hab Dome or the top of another Tower Module. The pieces go together tightly and allow the creation of multiple level structures. The top of the Tower Module will fit any of the top mounts (IAF015A,B,C etc) meant for the IAF015 Hab Dome.  Suitable for use in any science fiction setting. You do need an IAF015 Hab Dome to make full use of this code but on its own it can make a neat Escape Pod too.  You can stack these modules to make tall towers.

Buy one Tower Module (including Connector Plate) or buy three and save 10% off list price.

Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled.  Note the grey tone Hab Dome and top mounts are to show assembly only and are not supplied. Scenics and miniatures for scaling information and are not included.