IAF015I Cratered Hab Dome

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf015j

Down but not out! This Hab Dome is battered and bruised perhaps from Marcher Baron bombardment or Khanate Legion caresses but its still standing. Cracked open like an egg with one side totally intact and then other reduced to rubble the top of the dome has slid down but its still got an intact mounting point for a turret top of your choice.


This release is from a great number of world wide requests for something in between an intact and a totally destroyed structure. So here you have it! A high quality grey tone resin one piece casting which is 65mm wide and 20mm to 30mm tall with a high degree of external and internal detailing. It fits in well with the rest of the terrain range from the Ion Age. Suitable for use in any science fiction setting as well as The Ion Age. Decorate your wargame table. 

Here are some images showing the new Smashed Hab Dome in a comparison with a totally intact Hab Dome and also with an IAF015A Sentry Gun turret mounted which, as I am sure you will agree, looks totally cool!  Supplied Unpainted.  Scenics and miniatures not this code shown for scaling information and are not included.