IAF160 Anti Gravity Bases (For Patrol Angis)

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf160

Four Resin Bases of 30mm Diameter.

This pack contains four identical high quality grey tone resin bases. Each base is 30mm across and is circular with a thickness of 3mm and features a central mount which is 5mm tall and is wide enough to support any of our vehicles which float. Designed for use with the Taranis, Mullo, Super Blue Adder and other 'repulsar' type vehicles it allows them to 'hover above' the battlefield in a lovely fashion. You could also place it under your anti-gravity lifter units for Portable Weapon Platforms or other miniatures which suit it. You can use these bases with any range and scale of models and they will fit our Troop Element Trays with 30mm slots. 

These bases are the ones used in the pictures of our miniatures on the website.

Note that the miniature shown for scale is not included and is a gunner from IAF147 Cold Climes Amber Gun Crew.

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