LE001 Sergeant Obidiah - Sold Out

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"The first LE code of Captain Sharke’s nemesis the evil and quite disturbed Sergeant Obidiah Hogswill is long, longsold out. It is very rare and has been prized by Flintloque players all around the world since the year of Flintloque’s release in 1995. Due to a very high and insistent demand for Obidiah (well Sharkey needs a nemesis don’t he Muvver!) a couple of other codes exist to give newer players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo an Obidiah to put on the table.''

1 Character Miniature.  Find this sold out code in The Rarest Tin book for a profile or ask directly for details from us.

Limited to 500 Numbered Packs only and then the molds were destroyed.
Those who are keen to play Obidiah on the table can still do so!  There is a limited edition mounted Obidiah (LE033) as a Deserter General and there is a version on foot in 5006 Obidiahs Army which makes a great stand in for LE001.