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"Jealousy is a horrid thing and that was to some what led to the creation of LE007. Orc players had Gorge Forcbie and those lads...who did Mordred have to hold back the Undead tide? Around the time of 1st edition Deadloque (the first expansion to Flintloque) these campaign dressed soldiers brought some extra muscle to Elf players. LE007 is not as rare as several of the other very early limited editions and it does turn up in collections mixed in with other Elves for the Witchlands campaign. Based on what we have been told the most prized miniature in the set is the Eagle Bearer as a center piece in larger Flintloque sections or Slaughterloo units.''

3 Character Miniatures.  Find this sold out code in The Rarest Tin book for a profile or ask directly for details from us.

Limited to 500 Numbered Packs only and then the molds were destroyed.