LE038 Generale Ferro Rospo

Alternative Armies

SKU: le038

Todoroni General with Family. A limited edition of 1000 castings of the infamous General who held the Nepolise Brigade together during the disastrous Witchlands campaign. This pack contains the General mounted on his elaborately outfitted Baby Hippo along with his girlfriend the lovely Lucrecia Froggia with baby toad under her arm and a separate bucket full of toad spawn which contains all of their other children.

Find him in our titles or ask directly for details.

Limited to 1000 Numbered Packs only and then the molds will be destroyed.

These miniatures are supplied with our great Cartouche Resin Bases at the correct amount and sizes for the miniatures (25mm square for almost all on foot, 25mm by 50mm rectangle for most cavalry and 30mm square for very large creature such as Ogres and Trolka according to Flintloque and Slaughterloo rule systems. See the picture here) and are supplied unpainted. Assembly is required with some miniatures.