• Promo2000 Emperor Klaffenhunde on foot - Sold Out

Promo2000 Emperor Klaffenhunde on foot - Sold Out

Sold Out

Limited Edition Numbered Pack


"To celebrate the new millennium Alternative Armies produced an on foot version of the Emperor Klaffenhund who rules over the Empire of Ostaria.  The mounted version is LE020.  Across the December to end of January period 1999 to 2000 one of this miniature was put free into each order placed and shipped out.  No precise number of castings is known but it is in excess of 1000 pieces.  It does not come up often for trade or swop but Alternative Armies does on occasion have some in stock."

1 Miniature. Ask directly for details from us.

Limited to a date range in the year 2000 and given away with a thousand orders and the mold was then destroyed.

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