SHM90 Demonologist with Apprentice and Impling

Alternative Armies

SKU: shm90

Summoning demons and other eldritch nasties from the lower dimensions is the sole ambition of a Demonologist.

This pack contains a trio of 28mm scale metal miniatures suitable for any 28mm fantasy system. From left to right in the main image they are a winged Impling a small creature of magic (20mm tall), the Demonologist himself with arm raised in robes with a bone mask (30mm tall). Lastly his hooded Apprentice carrying the book and scroll of summoning (25mm tall).

This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Using the product menu on the page you can purchase a pack or select single miniatures from the pack which are A ,B and C from left to right in the main image. Images show the miniatures from different angles.