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"Over the festive season of 1997 Alternative Armies made a special fun set for Flintloque players and also collectors of humorous miniatures. It was titled XM97 Undead Snowmen. The set was entirely sold to the public between December 1997 and the January of 1998. It was composed of four undead miniatures, snowmen and skeletal santa clause’s, with a metal scenic base. This is a rare find and prized by those who have Undead forces in their games. Only five hundred boxed sets were produced before the molds were destroyed and though a few sets come up each year in the open market they are often missing the scenic base and are almost certainly devoid of the A4 format promo insert that was present in the box set. If you have this set count yourself fortunate and then scare your enemies in a very fun way!"

4 Undead Miniatures and a Scenic Base.  Find it in our Rarest Tin book with game rules or ask directly for details from us.


Limited to 500 Numbered Packs only and then the molds were destroyed.