HOF136 Urban Gang Conscripts (Fourteen pack or singles)

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof136

15mm Heroic Scale - Fourteen Different Miniatures


This pack contains fourteen different 15mm scale metal one piece miniatures sculpted by Sean Bullough. Human gang members both male and female great for any number of present day or near future campaigns. You can see that the poses each have a letter next to them.

This means you can select single poses in any quantity you wish. These are larger sized 15mm scale meaning each miniature is approx 14mm kneeling up to 20mm tall standing.

Female Ganger with long rifle in leather jacket (A) 

Female Ganger with assault rifle and light armour (B) 

Kneeling Ganger with bald head and assault rifle (C) 

Lunging Ganger with automatic shotgun (D) 

Advancing Ganger with laser carbine (E) 

Bald Ganger with heavy assault rifle (F) 

Female Ganger running with carbine (G) 

Ganger with Mohawk with heavy assault rifle (H) 

Ganger with eye covered and machine gun (I) 

Advancing Ganger with long rifle (J) 

Running Ganger with sub machine gun (K) 

Ganger with long hair and heavy shotgun (L) 

Ganger in cap with missile launcher (M) 

Female Ganger with sniper rifle (N) 

Our painted set is in the colours of 'The Wolverines'.  This pack is supplied unpainted, unassembled and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases).  Here is a short fiction extract about the gangers written by Fred Richards.

“Like minded individuals often gather together for mutual defence of themselves and their turf. It's a strategy that humanity has employed from the early days of recorded history to the industrial work gangs in the mega cities of earth and Alpha Centuari. However colonial gangs are more often than not the first line of defence in case of siege and invasion as they are farmers and families who have gathered together to protect their holdings and claims from aggression. Once a colony has developed beyond a few small farms and a port is established, the gangs still exist, levying control on areas they claimed at the start of the landing. However other inhabitants may take offense to this and start their own gangs to take back these holdings,. At other times they are sprung up from perpetually bored teenagers with little common sense and an eye for violence. On occasion they may even become notorious criminals or just a more militant version of the Planet Defence Forces. Their colours are as numerous as they have numbers, and are often used as a conscript force if things do get dire. Lightly armoured but heavily armed with cheap rec-guns and knowledge, their hold on their turf is absolute and can spring ambushes and raid supply convoys before melting back into spider holes to lick their wounds and strike again later. Their morale is often tied to their leader through a cult of personality, if he dies, they will run. But as most find out, they will be back in greater numbers and with more weapons to settle the score. Colonial life is harsh and brutal enough as it is, but these souls have opted for a more difficult life and will carve out their name and colours... or die trying.”