7109 Ogre Bounty Hunter

Alternative Armies

SKU: 7109

This code contains one large 28mm scale metal miniature the Ogre killer, Bad Bad Lestroy Brawne with Kolt Revolver.  (40mm tall).

Bad Bad Lestroy Brawne
Real big and real mean Brawn is the baddest Ogre in the whole damn town. He
stands about eight feet four, all the ladies call him a tree sized lover and the Elves
just call him sir. He’s been round Eldorado too and when he comes he’s gonna kill
you. The meanest Ogre ever to come out of Chigargorc. Special Rule: ‘Jigsawed Puzzle mit Pieces Missing’. Brawne is a nasty piece of work but a really good bounty hunter often hired by those looking for muscle. He is really tough and has a DF of 5. He loves money more than anything. Ogre / Veteran / Regular. Armed with a Kolt Dracci Revolver and a Knife (treated as a sword). Points Cost (with all equipment and any special rules etc): 72

Please note that these miniatures are supplied unpainted and with our resin cartouche bases.