7113 Tuko Cattivo

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This code contains one character on foot and the same character mounted on a horse along with him on foot. The notorious Elven gun fighter and murderer Tuko Cattivo.

Tuko Cattivo
A notorious gun slinger and seeker of fortune Tuko is ruthless in his pursuit of gold and power. Former leader of the ‘Hacienda’ posse Tuko is currently involved with Angle Van Brutto (whom he despises) and Clynt Bono (whom he needs but hates even more) in seeking out a stash of bullion buried somwhere in the Aridzona by Unionist Orc soldiers. High (Ferach) Elf / Veteran /Irregular / Elite. Armed with a Smyth & Wessorc Vulcanic Repeater and a Ramington Revolver. Special Rule: ‘Damn Lucky’. Tuko is blessed by some Valonese deity with almost supreme luck in the direst of circumstances. If he is killed in play roll D10 on a result of 5+ he comes back to life with one wound. Points Cost (with all equipment and any special rules etc): 59 Points cost for Horse: 14

Please note that these miniatures are supplied unpainted and with our resin cartouche bases.