7114 Angle Van Brutto

Alternative Armies

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This code contains one character on foot and the same character mounted on a pony along with him on foot. A real nasty piece of work the mercenary and
killer Angle Van Brutto.

Angle Van Brutto
A former sergeant in the Unionist Army the Dwarven Angle got tired of the constant jokes about his golden mane of a beard and after killing several of his superiors fled the army and became a gun for hire. Now he dreams of killing Tuco Cattivo and Clynt Bono as they search for the gold Angle knows is buried in a cemetery in the Aridzona. Dwarf / Veteran / Scout. Armed with a Perkussion Carbine and a Kolt Pocket Pistol. Special Rule: ‘None trick the trickster’. Few keep alive as long as Angle without some skills and this Dwarf is almost impossible to trick. Each Turn he may re-roll one die result one player (except his own) for any reason, though he must abide by the new result. Points Cost (with all equipment and any special rules etc): 55 Points Cost for Pony: 14

Please note that these miniatures are supplied unpainted and with our resin cartouche bases.