HOF135 Drop Coffin

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof135

15mm Scale Vehicle Kit - Kit or Select Parts on this page.

This metal and resin kit contains an easy to assemble three piece model. A single trooper 'drop coffin' which will shoot a soldier into combat from a spacecraft high above in orbit..an express elevator indeed! You can assemble it off the crater or on the crater, with the hatch in place or removed meaning a lot of choice.

When assembled as shown it is 35mm wide and 35mm tall. You can choose from a kit or select parts of the kit from the page. 

A free Drop Pod scenario with rules 'Steel Grapes of Wrath' for USEME on our BLOG.

Refer to images for pictures of parts and scale shots with a HOF112 Security Force Alpha (SFA) Trooper and with HOF27 Maginot Turret plus HOF28A Charger APC.  

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.  Other codes shown for scale only and not supplied.