HOF140 Meerkat Spotter Suit

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof140

One Battlesuit Kit


This 15mm scale battlesuit kit contains all of the pieces needed to assemble the specialist Meerkat Spotter Suit. Standing 30mm tall when assembled the Meerkat has seven pieces. A distant relative of the BearCat Battlesuit this model is easy to assemble. It is supplied unassembled and unpainted without a base (base shown is a 59025 30mm Round).

Refer to the parts image to see what is included. Other miniatures shown are for scale only.

The Meerkat is armed with a rotary gatling and a three round striker missile pod. Its primary mission is to use its powerful comms array with its two aerials to seek out enemy strong points and to relay that information to heavier units. Often paired with GNATS the Meerkat can be a valuable ally in the field. 

The SFA range contains a huge variety of poses of 15mm white metal miniatures and vehicles allowing a wargamer to assemble a cohesive force for their campaigns. A whole integrated range within HOF which contains vehicles, tower, infantry, command, scouts, elites, female and more!