HOF160A Mind Brutes Arms Set (Set of Five)

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof160a

15mm Scale Miniatures

Ideal for conversions and additions to miniatures.  This pack contains five different sets of four metal arms taken from the Mind Brutes (HOF160).  Add these to your bits box!

Arm Sets included are:

Open Claw, Closed Claw + Closed Claw and Energy Rifle.

Open Claw, Energy Pistol + Closed Claw and Energy Pistol.

Open Claw, Open Claw + Open Claw, Open Claw.

Closed Claw, Grasping Claw + Closed Claw, Grasping Claw.

Sword, Open Claw + Sword, Closed Claw.

Supplied Unpainted and as seen.