HOF161 Uplifted Cattle

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof161

15mm Scale Miniatures

This pack contains three 15mm scale metal Cows in a three different poses. These were once normal cattle but now cyber and generically uplifted they obey their overlords. Each miniature is approx 23mm to eyeline in scale with the rest of the HOF Range.  Eye lenses and cables along with other odd devices make the Uplifted Cattle very strong.  In fact they are 'Udderly Splendid' (groan!)

Upright Cow aiming heavy Death Ray (A), Upright Cow with heavy Death Ray raised (B) and Upright Cow firing heavy Death Ray (C).

Choose from a pack of miniatures or select parts of the pack.  Components of the pack are described in the drop down menu.  Please adhere to the description as it may not match the order of miniatures in images of single miniatures.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.  Scale picture for your reference (not included).

See our BLOG for a fun article by Allison MacKay about his take on these sentient heffers.