HOF171 Female Lemurian Hunters I

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof171

15mm Scale


This pack contains three metal miniatures in three different poses. These are taller miniatures about 20mm and they are lion folk.  Great in sci-fi and fantasy.

You can choose from a pack or single poses on this page.

They are from left to right:  Leonid Female with Glaive arm raised (A), Leonid Female with Glaive running and pointing (B) and Leonid Female with Glaive crouched in the attack (C).

This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases). These miniatures go excellently with other HOF packs and a scale image is given to show you a comparison from chosen other races.

The lost continent of Atlantis was no myth. It was no powerless small island no. It was a place of technology and arcane wonder too. Masters of war and of genetics they loosed creatures upon the ancient world of terror and evil. Creatures of legend. As a result of the pinnacle of their science the Atlantians opened a way between worlds and vanished from ours. Burning horror accompanied their translocation and a mere seven Atlantians survived. In the scant time they had left they created two forces of protection. Resonating crystals to store their minds and memories and the Lemurians to safeguard their culture and to wage war against any enemies of Atlantis. Possessed of keen minds and hunting instincts the gene bred lion folk carry crystals and make use of many weapons; excelling in close combat.